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Reins of Hope Kentucky

@WKYT visited us back in Sept of 2018

Lileana Pearson did an interview with Stephen Racz and I. I had just started the equine therapy, Gaining our nonprofit status from IRS. and deciding what direction I and my board members wanted to serve our community through equine therapy. Studying Psychology at Midway College emphasis in PTSD, I reached back out to Stephen about focusing on our Veterans and his response did not surprise me.

Stephen served in the United States Air Force from 1966-1970

He has worked in many areas as a deputy sheriff and police officer here in Paris, Kentucky

He also holds a masters in ministry at Christian Bible College.

Myself coming from a long heritage background of military family members

my father served in the United States Air Force, My great grandfather WWI US Army,

My Uncles on maternal side serve US Marine Corp, US Navy WWII, son and cousins who served in The US Army. So it wasn’t hard for me to decide where I wanted my nonprofit to help. I incorporate First responders also in our program as Stephen served in law enforcement and was able to educate me about life of law enforcement. Being a Nursing Student at the time , I worked in the ER as an EMT. I definitely experienced traumatic events and new we needed to provide our service in that area too.

Sept. 30,2018

Lileana Pearson at 8:21 PM GMT-4

Steven Ratz ( correct spelling - Stephen Racz) is also making Reins of Hope possible. He's a veteran and said he's amazed by horses ability to recognize a person. He said that relationship can provide something constant for a person who is learning to cope with the return to normal life.

"That horse will know that this veteran in his friend and vise-versa so it's a mutual understanding between the horse and the veteran," Ratz said.

Reins of Hope is hosting an event on October 6th, at Stoner Ridge Farm in Paris, Kentucky. You can sign up for a spot to meet the horses and see if equine therapy is right for you .

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