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Paris, Kentucky Secretariat Bloodline helps heal Veterans with PTSD

Secretariat (March 30, 1970 – October 4, 1989), also known as Big Red, was a champion.

He sired nearly 600 foals, before he passed at age 19 from laminitis’s. I was so fascinated with him, that I had wished I was born earlier so I could have been able to breed a mare of mine to him to have ownership that included his bloodline, Well I was not born in that time frame.

At 18 I married Les Sharon son of Anna Bess Robinson Sharon. Yes she was a Robinson niece to the well known man who took care of Secretariat at Claiborne Farm, Lawrence Robinson Stud manager/ groomer. How thrilled I was to be close to the legendary Secretariat history.

Photos, news clippings and magazines about his life working with Secretariat.

Time passed and my daughter had the dream to barrel race and we didn’t have a barrel horse only an American Saddle bred, bunch of Rocky Mountain and Tenn. Walker. However, our Rocky Mountain horses are versatile and extremely smart

No doubt about it they can run barrels, my mare has.

Long story shorten we ended up buying a barrel horse and never did I dream he would be a part of a bloodline with that awesome legendary breeding of a thoroughbred and Quarter Horse. On his dam side she is a thoroughbred and on that bloodline there it is the third grand sire is the one and only Secretariat!!!

I could not believe the pedigree.

Later learning his Sire was Quick Straw a very famous Quarter horse. Here he is , and he like his grand sire Secretariat loves to pose for the camera. Bruno is one of our horses who helps veterans in our program.

Below are links about great uncle Lawrence Robinson And Big Red







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