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  • Michelle Mattingly-Sharon/ President

In loving memory

Steph Racz one special man , His friendship meant so much to me and his encouragement was priceless. I was honored that our trails crossed, I am truly blessed. Stephen was a proud veteran and his love for his fellow service men and women showed throughout his life. He loved life ! him, He introduced me to many people and wanted me to meet Tim Chambers sadly I never got too. But he made sure I knew everything about him. When he moved it was hard on me, many times I missed his calls or messages off of Facebook but I tried to stay in touch. I had planned to go see him, it was hard for me to decide. I didn’t want to see him that way. It’s so hard even though I know death is part of life but after losing my son at age 26, I struggle with loss.

The last time I was with Stephen, was in 2019 here on my new farm, He was going to bring his adoptive horses here but we was struggling with getting farm fenced. He urgently needed to move them, we was at mercy of the fencer.

He never failed at helping me when I needed him. I feel like I failed him. I know wha he would say, if he knew it, gives me comfort knowing it. I'm so blessed to know that through Jesus We will see each other again and I hope he gave my son a huge hug from me Up there.

My plans is to carry on for our veterans in honor and memory of you and to work on the wheels of Hope Kentucky for dental care and other needs for our veteran. I know how much it all meant to you!

Please keep his wife, family, and friends in your prayers.

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