Afghanistan Veterans

We have been overwhelmed by text messages, emails and phone calls from some who have served. in the past few month. I have been speaking with several who are really struggling with anxiety and depression along with other issues that go with PTSD. Just talking with them, confIrms more of my reasons for starting this organization. We currently do not have a reliable way to hold indoor therapeutic activities as our old barn is deteriorating from weather and age. It has served its purpose. However, I have talked to several builders on building a new barn, where we are able to have indoor arenas set up for therapeutic ground work, stalls, bathing stall, men and women’s restroom and a small office space with a tack room Along with indoor heating. like many nonprofit organizations we seek out donations and come up with fundraiser to help

with expense. I have created a GoFundMe and will be posting items that have been donated to raffle off on a Facebook live draw. when You donate to us , if you are like me I always want to know where my money went and who is it helping.

You make an impact! Donations are used for care of the horses

•Vet bills

•special nutritional needs

•hoof care


•sweet feed and mineral blocks



•a place where veterans can heal

•gas money for transportation for a veterans to attend work shops

•drinks provided for veterans

(water and Gatorade)

•snack baskets for veterans

• Ham and turkey for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter for veterans

•financial assistance fund our veterans who need extra help

•electric, water and heat for barn

•office supplies

this is to name just a few things

We are asking you, if you are able to donate $20.00/ $50.00/ $100.00 or more even any smaller amount, it goes along way to.

if you are not able to donate money at this time we ask you to pray for our organization, our Veterans and our Country.

Your gift of any amount will help build a new facility to keep our veterans in the program year around. especially in wet, cold winter month. this is usually the hardest time for our veterans.

We owe them, because without their selfless sacrifice we would not have our freedom.

Donations can be mailed to Reins of Hope Kentucky, inc. PO Box 191, Paris , Kentucky 40362

We will mail you a receipt for your tax purposes

Reins of Hope is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization and registered with Secretary of the State of Kentucky.

•By Venmo or PayPal •GoFundMe


We are grateful for those who donate and pray for our organization. Thank you!!! Email us at

Barn Blueprint

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