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Our Veteran, Friend & Board Member 

Stephen Racz

May 12, -April 12 2022

Stephen joined the Air Force after receiving his college degree. He was stationed at Peterson Field, Colorado Springs; Elmendorf AFB, Anchorage, AK; and Andrews AFB, Camp Springs, MD (where he got to tour Air Force One).  he played semi pro football in 2001 for the Bowling Green Blitz (He would include "I was the oldest player on the team" ), 

In fact, he was the oldest active player in the entire country at age 55. He also coached football at Bourbon County Middle School. He   helped with Wayne County Middle School Football Team after school.

In recent years, he was an English and Science teacher at Forest Hill Military Academy in Millersburg, Kentucky, before they closed. He has also been a long-term substitute in the Paris Independent School system. He served as a paraprofessional for three years working with special needs students at Cane Ridge Elementary School in Bourbon County before retiring. In addition, he retired from the Paris, Kentucky, Police Department with over 1,000 hours of training, handling criminal investigations. Stephen also completed his ministry degree 

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Loving Memory

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