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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Veteran we serve

We are humbled to be able to offer workshops for our finest - veterans 


Why Equine Therapy 

New research shows that equine therapy might be the best way to healing process for these veterans. In the program veterans participate learn about horses, stroking their sides, cleaning their hoofs, brushing their coats which moves towards building trust with them.

Founder had grown up with horses, During her studies at Midway College studying Psychology  she realized through out her years just being around horses she was receiving therapy through them. Some of her research lead her realizing that there was lots of people who were not amenable to going into traditional therapy because they had an idea of what mental health therapy was. They had lot of ingrained , sense of , "I don't need help, I am a military service member, I'm stronger that that kind of thing. There is also a lot of stigma with the idea that they will be judged and therapy really will not help because they will just end up giving me some form of medication and then, I will battle that on top of what I am dealing with. 

These problems lead to them feeling alone and abandoned , We see more rise in suicide rates do to this  and knowing that working with horses can make a huge impact on their mental state. 

Still this situation is not getting better and the community needs to be educated more about healing through horses. 

There are tons of proven studies that support equine assisted therapy 

Veterans have shown improvement in PTSD symptoms and in depression after attending workshops.

PTSD is a serious illness, people do get worse,  and people can not assume that they understand PTSD. 

Its very important that a program is developed where someone is keeping a close eye on what is going on and knows if the person is getting worse and not getting better. 

More about PTSD 

DSM-5 Diagnostic Criteria for PTSD

Meet The Team

Michelle Lee Mattingly- Sharon
Founder & Farm Owner 

Stephen Racz
USAF Veteran, Minister and Board member 

Audrey Eastridge _ Vice President 

Karen S Novak 
Treasurer & CCPA

Katie Watkins 
Board Member 

Emily C. Sharon 
Board Member

Secretary- Vacant 

Allison Thompson Board Member 

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